A strong and stable foundation to continue building on

Since my announcement as the new CEO of Hoist Finance, I have been looking forward to start and to continue our growth journey together with my new colleagues. During my initial time at Hoist Finance, I have benefited from seeing large parts of the operations and meeting many of my new colleagues. The positive image of the company that I had before starting has been further strengthened. Hoist Finance is a fantastic company with many highly skilled people who care intensely about our customers, the company and society as a whole.

Our commitment for 2018

Looking ahead in 2018, we will continue to invest in developing operations in line with our strategic goals.

Reliable partner for the banking system

2018 will present our partners with further challenges in the form of a new regulatory framework, IFRS 9, and intensified focus from the ECB and EU on how banks should manage NPLs moving forward. Our position is to be present, open for dialogue, and to provide our partners with the best assistance in facing these challenges. We add value by reducing tied-up capital for our banking partners and, in parallel, enabling them to focus fully on their core strategy and  competence. Our task for 2018 is to strengthen our brand and to attract more partners.

Attractive to investors

Our market is being reshaped, both in terms of consolidation and in terms of geographical expansion amongst participants. Such a market requires keeping a cool head and continuing to take sound and well-founded decisions that enable us to live up to the financial targets we communicated to our shareholders. It also requires one to be fleet of foot and adaptable to new market conditions – to be able to continue building a long-term winner in the industry. In 2018, much of our focus will be on taking the company to the next level in parallel with continuing our profitable growth.

Best place to work

We have high ambitions in terms of our employees finding work at Hoist Finance to be both personally developing and enjoyable. This is based on a simple conviction – if you enjoy your work you will also do a better job. If we succeed in further strengthening this, it will benefit all our stakeholders: partners; customers; and investors. In 2018, we will continue to work diligently on strengthening our core values and increase our focus on training and personal development.

Prioritised by customers

The digitalisation process we have begun will continue and accelerate. We apply a customer-centric approach to everything we do when developing systems, processes and staff. Yet again, we are driven by the simple conviction that we must offer our customers the best support when they start on their path to becoming debt-free.

2018 and the future

Activity levels are high in our industry and continuing to rise. A healthy pipeline of potential business bodes well for a strong performance in 2018. Hoist Finance is currently well placed. At the same time, much remains to be done to develop the company further. The foundations are in place for profitable Growth and we are now setting our sights on an exciting year with new opportunities.

Klaus-Anders Nysteen

Managing Director and CEO

from 15 March 2018

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