Ethics, engagement and care

Corporate Social Responsibility and trust build a sustainable business model

Hoist Finance’s CSR pledge is integrated into everything we do, from our ethical business model, engagement with our partners and our amicable settlements to our care for all employees and our reduced environmental footprint. We believe that our commitment to CSR demonstrates ethical leadership within our industry and thereby earns and maintains the long-term trust of our customers, partners, employees and society as a whole.

Hoist Finance continuously works with all local offices to define plans and take actions that promote integration of CSR into daily business operations. All of our initiatives and activities are guided by four CSR principles:

Respect for customers and partners, safeguarding the integrity of our customers and partners. Customers are treated with respect and dignity through a constructive and transparent dialogue.

Respect for business ethicscomplying with all laws and regulations by acting ethically and with integrity. This entails strict adherence to legislation and regulations as well as internal company guidelines in all countries.

Respect for human and labour rightsdemonstrating respect for the individual and our commitment to offer our employees professional growth and equal opportunities in a healthy and safe workplace.

Respect for the environment minimising the environmental footprint from our operations through increased awareness of our negative impact and focus on actions with impact.


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