Ethics, engagement and care

Helping people keeping their commitments

Corporate Responsibility and trust build a sustainable business model

Hoist Finance is strongly committed to be a sustainable company which is reflected in that we integrate sustainability into everything we do. In collaboration with our partners and customers, in the care of our employees and in reducing our environmental impact.

Our focus is first and foremost on our customers and we continuously develop and sharpen our amicable collection process.  Our commitment  to customers is reflected in our vision:

Our methods build on transparency, dialogue and mutual respect. Our objective is to arrive at solutions where our customers are satisfied, debt-free and, given time, able to re-enter the financial ecosystem.

Friendly customer relationships are a prerequisite for amicable settlements. This requires good understanding and intuitiveness to what is often a challenging situation for the customer. Hoist Finance has more than 20 years of experience of debt recovery and employees who provide optimal customer care for all parties.


2017 we conducted our first comprehensive stakeholder dialogue providing us with input to a materiality assessment where the most important sustainability issues were identified.  These areas have been integrated into the business strategy and aligned with the four main stakeholder commitments plus one societal initiative.

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