Anti-money laundering measures.

The company’s measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing are integrated into core operational processes, and include risk analyses, policies, customer due diligence procedures, monitoring procedures, employee training and transaction monitoring.

The company also has well-established procedures for reporting suspecting money laundering to the competent authorities.

Ethical guidelines

The company’s ethical guidelines, comprised of an umbrella document and several ancillary documents, are designed to be applied by both employees and partners. The umbrella document specifies fundamental values and principles and provides information on some of the ancillary documents. All employees receive regular training on ethical issues, and training statistics are monitored on a monthly basis to ensure that all employees receive regular training on ethical issues.

 Respect for customers’ privacy

The information that Hoist Finance possesses about its customers’ personal finances is highly sensitive. Processes have been established to guarantee complete protection of data regarding customers’ personal finances. The company also works continuously to ensure that IT systems are updated to be able to withstand all forms of IT crime. In addition, the company has advanced IT systems and internal procedures for ensuring that the employees manage customer data with considerable caution.


Should a customer feel unfairly treated, it is essential that the customer is able to make a complaint. In all markets, systems are in place to manage complaints from customers. To guarantee that local conditions and procedures are considered, complaint management, monitoring and follow-up is conducted at a local level by local complaint managers. The local complaint managers report regularly to both the local management team and to the Group’s complaint manager. These report in turn to the Board of Directors and the Risk and Audit Committee, as well as to the Executive Management Team.

CSR Governance

The company’s CSR policy is applied throughout the Group, and Group-wide and local goals and measures are incorporated into day-to-day operations. The CSR governance structure is composed of a framework for internal governance and control that includes a functional organisational structure with clear division of responsibilities between management, operations and quality control functions, as well as principles, policies and processes. The Executive Management Team is responsible for the CSR strategy and, while the Group Head of HR has overall responsibility for implementation of the strategy, day-to-day responsibility for achievement of individual targets rests with each regional manager

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