Hoist Finance has well-established policies in place for governing and managing various risk areas, such as conflicts of interest, inside information, bribes, money laundering and outsourcing agreements. Specific policies are also in place for the ethical management of acquired loan portfolio customers. Policy documents and training are customized for the company’s various functions to achieve the highest possible levels of compliance.

CSR Policy

Hoist Finance’s Sustainability (CSR) policy (länka till policy här) forms the foundation for the company’s sustainability program and the daily sustainability work. All our initiatives and activities are guided by our four guiding principles for sustainability:

Respect for customers and partners, safeguarding the integrity of our customers and partners. Customers are treated with respect and dignity through a constructive and transparent dialogue.

Respect for business ethics, complying with all laws and regulations by acting ethically and with integrity. This entails strict adherence to legislation and regulations as well as internal company guidelines in all countries.

Respect for human and labour rights, demonstrating respect for the individual and our commitment to offer our employees professional growth and equal opportunities in a healthy and safe workplace.

Respect for the environment minimising the environmental footprint from our operations through increased awareness of our negative impact and focus on actions with impact.

Code of conduct

As a good corporate citizen, Hoist Finance closely monitors its fulfilment of all legal requirements in the countries where it operates. Beyond legal and regulatory compliance, the Hoist Finance Code of Conduct specifies behavioral norms that employees are expected to adhere to. The Code of Conduct ensures that our actions take into consideration the best interests of the company, its stakeholders and those affected by our operations. To ensure that all employees are aware of the standards and expectations, numerous Code of Conduct training sessions are held at different levels in the company yearly. Read our SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT.

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