Social responsibility

Social responsibility is found within the business model, in collaboration with partners and customers, in the care of our employees and in the goal to reduce our environmental impact. Our aim is to be perceived as the industry’s ethical leader and, thereby create and maintain the long-term confidence of partners, customers and employees.

To be a leading partner, we have to earn our stakeholders’ trust. We want to earn this by acting responsibly and with respect. We want to be the preferred choice of our partners and the best place to work. We also want our customers to feel that we treat them fairly, and at the same time, to be attractive to investors. For us, this is a sustainable way of working.


Our customers

Anyone can find themselves in a difficult life situation. In a situation facing challenges that seem unsurmountable. Our task is to assist our customers with retaking financial control over their lives.  Our objective is for customers to keep their commitment and become debt-free over time.  Enabling them to return to and be part of the financial ecosystem. The primary driver for accomplishing this in the best manner possible is through mutual, realistic agreements with customers, whereby Hoist Finance develops new amicable settlements to remain at the forefront of customer interaction.

Our team

Together, we continue to build a value driven organization. Supporting our customers in difficult circumstances requires empathy, a heart and sound core values. We continuously train our employees, develop our leadership program with great focus on values, convictions and behavior.

Building a diverse workplace with equal opportunities for all employees is fundamental to Hoist Finance’s strategy in developing the best place to work.

Our investors

We continue to deliver healthy growth quarter after quarter. We continue to invest in a disciplined manner to ensure the financial targets we set for our investments. We also continue to improve operational efficiency, increasing our competitiveness and, in parallel, making us more attractive as a partner and an employer. Overall, we have strengthened our position and added value to the company.

Our Partners

Our business model is built around partnering with banks around Europe supporting them in managing their non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios. We add value by relieving our partners of tied up capital and thereby enabling them to focus their resources on their core business.

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