Belgium, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands

Hoist Finance’s operations are conducted in-house and through external partners, with a focus on optimising working processes for NPL recovery. The company has in-house platforms in Brussels and Amsterdam. Local presence and a regulated status compliant with requirements of the Belgian National Bank are some of Hoist Finance’s local advantages. Hoist Finance has a solid reputation and proven experience, both of which are key factors for Benelux banks.

In Italy, Hoist Finance has two call centres: in Rome and in Lecce. The company is well positioned in the Italian market and ready to participate in the market’s future growth. The company has continued to diversify its asset portfolio in Italy with the acquisition of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and with the addition of secured loans.

Hoist Finance has entered into a strategic partnership with the Bank of Greece. The agreement covers the management and administration of 16 Greek banks in liquidation. Hoist Finance will work with two partners to assist the Bank of Greece in recovering non-performing loans. The agreement builds on Hoist Finance's strategy to be a leading debt restructuring partner to international banks.

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