”She solved my debt problem – I’m so grateful”

“Free at last! Now I can start looking for a flat” says Nastunye with a sigh of relief. An unemployed single mother with a history of ill health, Nastunye got into financial difficulties years ago. The compound interest piled up over the years and her anxiety grew along with the growing debt. But today, after reaching an agreement with Hoist Finance, Nastunye can finally breathe again.

“I called her and she found a solution to my problems. She was so sympathetic – such a nice person”.

This is how Nastunye (whose name was changed for this article) describes her first contact with Hoist Finance. Her debt problem began in the 1990s soon after she escaped to Germany from Croatia in the wake of the war in former Yugoslavia. Nastunye agreed to this interview to express her gratitude – to Hoist Finance for helping to resolve her financial problems and for the sympathetic manner in which she was treated.

“When I received the first letter from you I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. But I took courage and phoned – and the nicest voice answered! I felt right away that I could start to breathe again.
I want to do what’s right, to the best of my ability.”

Tell me about yourself – how did you end up in this situation?,

“I suffer from bad health, and I have also been battling a number of other problems. I lost my house in Croatia because of the war and then my job as a cleaning lady. One of my sons is also ill. As a single mother of two children my situation was tough, but I’ve always tried to work as much as possible. Despite this, I’ve never been able to keep up with my debts.”

During your first contact with Hoist Finance, you discussed a solution for repaying your debt, is that correct?,

“Yes. I was met with a lot of kindness. I was advised to write you a letter describing my situation, which I also did. I explained my financial situation and my difficulties in repaying the debt. I also wrote that I would like to try to make partial payments”.

”I phoned you later and we discussed various solutions”.

What was the reply?,

”We found a solution that made me debt free. I was overjoyed! I was overwhelmed with happiness!“

“I am 66 years old – and I am now finally free. I can start looking for a flat, I have no record of unpaid  debt.

I’m so grateful.” 

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